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C-TPAT is a joint government-business initiative to build relationships that strengthen overall supply chain and border security.

Under Custom Border & Protection's (CBP) layered, defense-in-depth strategy against terrorism, C-TPAT is the CBP initiative that partners, on a voluntary basis, with members of the trade community. CBP and willing members of the trade community collaborate to better secure the international supply chain to the United States & other countries in support of CBP’s priority Homeland Security mission.

Please take a moment to complete the C-TPAT assessment below. Once completed, please select the 'submit survey' feature so the assessment will automatically be sent back to KEMET.

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Company Information

* Company Name :
* Company Location City :
* Country :
(1) Is your company C-TPAT Certified?:
* If YES, please provide the C-TPAT certificate number or SVI number: :
(2) My organization operates within the scope of the C-TPAT recommendations and will continue to evaluate processes to ensure continued secure operations:
(3) If U.S. Customs and Border Protection requests KEMET to provide evidence of supplier's security, my organization will provide these security procedures to KEMET who will in turn make them available to U.S. Customs and Border Protection:
(4) Does your company have an equivalent supply chain security program criteria administered by a foreign (non-U.S.A.) Customs administration?:
If YES, please provide the name and detail of that certification or criteria and the country administering those criteria:
(5) If your company is not C-TPAT certified, please provide your plan to become C-TPAT certified:

If your company is not C-TPAT registered, please answer questions 6 ~ 22:

Access Control
(6) Are employees required to wear identification badges?
(7) Are records kept of visitors, vendors and contractors?
(8) Are all persons required to provide a positive form of identification for entrance to the facility?
Procedural Security
(9) Is access to/from the shipping/receiving area controlled and secured?
(10) Is the shipping/receiving area segregated from the manufacturing areas?
(11) Are incoming/outgoing vehicles checked and logged?
(12) Is the loading/unloading of trucks and trailers supervised?
(12) Is the loading/unloading of trucks and trailers supervised?
(13) Are trailers and containers sealed and locked prior to departure from your facility?
(14) Are procedures in-place to prevent unauthorized access to empty and full shipping containers?
(15) Do written security policies and procedures exist?
Container Security
(16) Does your company ship ocean containers? (if YES, continue to next 3 questions)
(17) Is there a system in place to inspect containers for foreign material?
(18) Does your company use internationally approved container seals?
(19) Are empty and stuffed containers stored in a fenced in area?
Physical Security
(20) Is the facility equipped with security controls to prevent unauthorized entry?
(21) Is the site protected by a computer based electronic access control system?
(22) Is there an intruder/burglar alarm system that is monitored 24/7?
Contact Information
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* Email :
* Phone:
I certify that I have been contacted by KEMET Electronics Corporation and acknowledge the information provided below is accurate and I'm authorized to provide it on behalf of my company.
My organization acknowledges KEMET's commitment to C-TPAT and recognizes KEMET's expectation that their suppliers share the same commitment to security of the supply chain.